Sandra R.

I would definitely recommend Christin to anyone interested in hiring a coach. She has such a positive vibe and she was able to bring out the best parts in me I didn’t see in myself before.

I’ve spent my life trying to live like other people thought I should, but my heart and mind were full of turmoil and chaos. I’ve often had a hard time communicating what I’m feeling; I’ve had many qualities in me that I was afraid to express because I struggled with a lot of negative emotions. Christin was able to break down my walls to help me understand where those negative emotions came from and how they were holding me back from true happiness in life. Within just five sessions, I was able to release years of built-up fear, anger, rage and sadness from my past and get powerful breakthroughs. 

Christin was there supporting me through my challenges every step of the way. I felt she really understood where I was coming from, and she gave me positive feedback while helping me realize that everything I needed was already inside of me. She just helped me to actually see it for the first time and find my confidence.

She helped me become more aware and understand myself, as well as where I needed more healthy boundaries in my life. I learned how to love and forgive myself, to find calmness and peace within myself. She gave me a lot of tools that have supported me in my healing process and have sustained my growth even after our sessions were complete. As a result, I feel more at peace in my life, like I can live in a more loving and compassionate way toward myself and others.

I feel truly different now, like I can see more through the lens of compassion and recognize where I’m responsible for my own results. Christin provided valuable support for my emotional healing and helped me awaken to my life’s purpose. I really feel like I’ve found my light again!

Christin Menendez