One-on-One Coaching Program


One-on-One Coaching:

This is a great option if you want direct, focused guidance on your specific challenges in a totally confidential, judgement-free zone. I create a sacred space for each of my clients where they feel seen, heard, understood and FULLY accepted just as they are.

Note: I only hold seven spots open for one-on-one clients at a time, so availability for this option is limited. Contact me for availability.

Is there something in your life that you're struggling with and you just can't seem to get clarity on it? As an intuitive, empathic Coach, I’ll teach you the life-changing power and value of letting your heartache or your break-up break you OPEN! Whether you want to move on after a break-up, heal family relationships, repair a damaged friendship, or you simply crave to love and accept yourself fully, I will teach you how to turn your pain into your power!

Even if you aren’t an empath (or don’t know if you are), my one-on-one coaching program is perfect for the person who wants to learn how to:

  • HEAL your broken heart, and heal the root issues that got you there so you can avoid the repeat!

  • BREAK FREE of your old, unhealthy patterns and become a self-validated, empowered badass!

  • Understand the depth and breadth of your sensitivity, and learn how to harness its power so that it feels like a bonafide BLESSING instead of a curse!

  • Set healthy BOUNDARIES and stick to them! No more “feeling bad” or apologizing for protecting your sensitive energy!

  • Ditch the fear! You’ll learn how to trust yourself to make healthier decisions, and learn how to build trust with others.

  • Value yourself, feel worthy and fire up your confidence!

  • Totally change the trajectory of your life through the power of shifting your mindset!


What it includes:

  • A total of 13 weekly one-hour calls.

    • The program lasts approximately four months: one call per week. Three weeks “on”, one week “off” (we skip every fourth week).

    • Calls are hosted via Zoom video conferencing so you can attend the session right on your mobile, tablet or computer.

    • You’ll have the option to add more sessions if desired by the end of the program.

  • Access to tools, techniques and exercises proven to successfully give clients REAL, lasting results!

    • I’m a Certified Coach and Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnotherapy, all of which are excellent for giving clients meaningful breakthroughs and long-term results.

  • Meaningful assignments to support you with your inner work between calls.

    • Assignments are hand-selected based on each client’s individual needs and challenges. Assignments include journaling prompts, guided meditations, worksheets, reading materials and more.

  • E-mail support between calls.

    • If you need help or guidance that just can’t wait for the next call, you can email me your questions or concerns and I’ll support you as best I can.

  • Extra support in my private Facebook Group: “Self-Mastery Badassery”.

    • This group was created to be a community and safe space for like-minded “personal development junkies” to share insight, experience, and support each other. I personally host this group and post meaningful, insightful content along with mini webinars to support the members with personal growth and development.